Steel Thoughts

Steel Thoughts

Great Lakes Iron Ore Logistics Circa 1943

The following pictorial is a very informative advertisement showing how efficient the movement of Iron Ore was during World War II. This was published in “Life Magazine” May 31, 1943. Iron Ore is still a very important ingredient in steel-making, especially for mills with Blast Furnaces, and mills that rely[…]

China Really Cutting Steel Capacity?

There have been many stories, tweets and accusations that the Chinese government has agreed to cut steel capacity, but actually had not done so.  In some cases, it appears they counted capacity cuts from mill shut down years ago, or planned expansion from existing mills as capacity cuts.  What we[…]

New Worldwide Steel Trading opportunities

Steel Trading has changed dramatically since Donald Trump was elected.  Imported steel has been threatened with additional dumping suits and a potential 20% import tax.  Companies and pipelines are strongly urged to buy American Steel.  Meanwhile scrap and Iron ore prices are rising, causing domestic prices to rise, in a[…]

Goldman Sachs Upgrades Nucor (NUE) to Buy

Goldman Sachs upgraded Nucor (NYSE: NUE) from Neutral to Buy with a price target of $52.00. Analyst Sal Tharani noted its exposure to the recovery in non-residential construction, low cost structure, and strong balance sheet. “We upgrade shares of Nucor to Buy from Neutral as we believe investors should be[…]

Twitter @AllianceSteel

In March 2009 we decided to start a twitter account, and when there is something worth sharing, and the spirit moves me, I tweet about it. Today I found an app that summarizes the topics  have been tweeted . Here it is as a “Wordle”

Nucor (NUE) rated outperform by UBS

I like to know what the “experts” on Wall Street think about various companies.  Here is their current opinion of Nucor from April 5, 2014.  I like Nucor’s aggressiveness in growing their DRI feed stock.  Please do not take my post as a recommendation to buy or sell stock.  This[…]

Sheet pile jobs completed- River Project

The following photo shows a recent project completed using sheet pile that we supplied. We will add a photo or two each week of recent projects.  Keep in mind, we have a civil engineer as part of our team who is a specialist in steel sheet pile, and we can[…]

Criminals buying transport companies to steal cargo

The following article was sent to me today by email.  Be very cautious having unknown transport companies haul your cargo. Wolves in sheep’s clothing Monday, 22 October 2012 Criminals are buying failing transport operators and continuing to trade under their brand names to steal cargo, warns Mike Yarwood The European[…]