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Great Lakes Iron Ore Logistics Circa 1943

The following pictorial is a very informative advertisement showing how efficient the movement of Iron Ore was during World War II. This was published in “Life Magazine” May 31, 1943. Iron Ore is still a very important ingredient in steel-making, especially for mills with Blast Furnaces, and mills that rely[…]

Used Hot Rolled Sheet Pile

We have the following available subject to prior sale from our Northern California yard, ready for rough handling, heavy duty work! Buy now and start driving these sheets! Download and review the file above to find a specific list of lengths PZ27 and PZC18 that combined make over 800 lineal[…]

Used Sheet Pile XZ85

We supplied XZ85 for a desalination project and the material is now available for resale. It is currently on the West Coast, but can be shipped via truck or rail to your location. Please contact us for an offer on this material.  It is subject to prior sale.    […]

H 1707 Surplus Hot Rolled Sheet Pile

If you have a pile driving job and need sheet pile promptly, this might be the ticket.  With prices going up and lead times at 4-6 weeks, this can be delivered within 1-2 weeks via truck or 3-4 via rail. Hoesch Steel Sheet Pile in stock: We offer the following[…]

China’s Iron Ore and Copper Rallies Unsustainable?

As the summer months come to a close, the Chinese steel market has heated up, and so has the market in the USA.  Scrap prices are up in August in the USA and Iron Ore demand is increasing in China.  I don’t believe either are sustainable rallies.  This article details[…]

Section 232 a Wild Card, Uncertainty Slowing US Sheet Price Momentum

The following article appears today, discussing the repercussions from the announcement that the Section 232 trade ruling on steel is being delayed indefinitely.  I am encouraged by this delay, as I see this trade action as unnecessary, extremely costly to our manufacturers in the USA and a wild card as[…]

China Really Cutting Steel Capacity?

There have been many stories, tweets and accusations that the Chinese government has agreed to cut steel capacity, but actually had not done so.  In some cases, it appears they counted capacity cuts from mill shut down years ago, or planned expansion from existing mills as capacity cuts.  What we[…]

The Canary in the Coal Mine, Iron Ore Prices continue to Drop

Iron Ore is a leading indicator of the health of the overall steel market.  When Iron Ore prices are rising, so are steel prices and typically the global steel market.  If the current downtrend in Iron Ore is not a blip, then we could have already seen the top of the[…]

Is Gov’t mandated “Buy American” Capitalism?

Recent approval of the Keystone pipeline by our government included a clause saying the pipe used must be made in the USA. I knew this wouldn’t be possible for this pipeline as most, if not all of the pipe had already been purchased and was sitting, waiting for approval, so[…]