Steel News

Secondary Steel Billets

We have the following subject to prior sale… 5″ x 5″ x 50 ft This is ungraded material but mostly mild to medium carbon. Available for shipment via truck or railcar. Call 602-381-1006

Used Steel Sheet Piling

We have the following to offer subject to prior sale. Lot 1. JZ112 & JZ120 x 20 to 40 ft 200,000 lbs This is equivalent to PZ35 or better in physical properties Lot 2 XZ85 x 25 ft 42 Pair XZ85 x 30 ft 12 Pair Contact Peers for price[…]

XZ85 Steel Sheet Pile

In stock for December 2011 shipment. New, Unused Sheet Pile XZ85 x 40 ft Factory welded pairs 100 tons approx Located in Laredo Texas for prompt shipment Produced in the USA. Full mill test reports available. Contact Peers for more details at: 602-381-1006

Wire Rod Offer

100T .250″ 1018 Transition Wire Rod (1015/1020) 2 Net ton coils fob Chicago This offer is subject to prior sale.

Steel Stock Rally: Signs of Firmer Pricing Abound

Earlier today, Steel Guru Michelle Applebaum, provided more detail on the upward turn in steel prices. “According to steel buyers we speak with, Nucor has followed Gerdau’s price increase for beams, where pricing had dropped $80/ton 2 weeks ago in a sudden move led by Steel Dynamics. Nucor has told[…]

Steel for Construction conference in Mexico City today

Today at the Nikko hotel in Mexico City we will be sponsoring a conference which will feature presentations on three topics. 1. Steel Sheet Pile 2. Steel Beams and Hollow sections 3. Steel used for Oil Platforms Our partner in Mexico, TradeAcero has put together a fantastic program and we[…]

Steel Sheet Pile

Currently stocking 400 tons of sheet pile for prompt shipment.   If you have requirements for sheet pile, please contact us and we will review with you what we have available.   We are also able to offer sheet pile for rent. Contact Peers Henes 602-381-1006

Secondary Billets

5″ x 5″ ( 127 x 127 mm) Length: 50 ft approx Grade: .50 max Carbon Quantity: 200 to 300 tons Price: $480 per metric ton, loaded trucks Chicago, IL Subject to prior sale.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Have you read this book? It is a good novel by a famous writer. It has to do with the mysterious disappearance of the best and brightest business leaders around the country. All were visited by John Galt and then were gone. Pick it up and read it. It has[…]

Ten Questions Politicians Won’t Answer

The past week’s debate about health care has shown that in Washington the only things more stubborn than facts are politicians who evade them. In spite of a torrent of independent analyses showing that the so-called health-care “reform” bills moving through Congress will dramatically increase the deficit and cause millions[…]