Steel News

Iron Ore Prices Slip Further

The following article appeared in the Australian Financial Review and was sent to me from a vendor. From this article it appears iron ore has been slipping and many forecast it to drop further in 2017.  Note the broad difference in price estimates from  “the professionals”.  Goldman Sachs predicts a bearish[…]

Surplus Steel Sheet Pile

We have available subject to prior sale the following: Unused Steel Sheet Pile in pairs 100 pair = 100.8 net tons PZC18 x 20 ft Weight per foot = 50.4 lbs Location near San Jose California Condition:  half epoxy coated, some rust Grade ASTM A-572 – 50 Contact us at 602-381-1006[…]

Friday Food for Thought & Predictions for the Future.

Here is a message I received from a friend with predictions for the future.  It’s not too hard to believe these could come true. I don’t know the author of this.  Maybe somebody at the Kahn Academy?  In any case enjoy and keep learning! In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees[…]

West Coast scrap drops further

In today’s steel business briefing there is an article which follows outlining the quick drop in scrap pricing for export to Taiwan via containers.  In short, scrap dropped about $100/mt in the past 3 weeks and is now about $180 to $190 mt loaded containers at the LA port.  Meanwhile,[…]

New Sheet Pile available

We have the following available subject to prior sale: Section: H1707 Producer: Hoesch Grade: S 355 GP Length: 12 meters Quantity: 1,500 mt Let us know where you need this tonnage delivered. Certs: MTR Ex. H1707 This is subject to prior sale.

“Export limits on steel won’t solve trade tensions”, says China

“Using anti-dumping measures to restrict Chinese steel exports will not provide a lasting solution to growing trade tensions in the sector, which is suffering from overcapacity on a global scale, China’s commerce ministry said on Wednesday. With domestic demand weakening, the Chinese steel sector has seen the foreign market as[…]

New Dumping Suits from US Mills on HRC claim 19-200% margins

Monday evening six US producers filed petitions for the imposition of antidumping and countervailing duties on hot-rolled coil imports from Australia, Brazil, Japan, The Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK. According to a filing with the US Department of Commerce, the petitioners allege that HRC from the[…]

1,200 mt Surplus prime high carbon wire rod

We have the following available subject to Prior sale: High Carbon Wire Rod Diameter:  5.5 mm Grade:        1070 Coils:          2.1 metric tons approx Condition: Very good- most coils paper wrapped Location:  Northeastern Port Please contact us for full details  

US Steel Mills file dumping suit against Cold Rolled importers from 8 countries

US producers of cold-rolled sheet steel filed unfair trade cases today against imports from eight countries alleging dumping margins as high as 320% and making illegal subsidy allegations as well. The cited countries and their alleged dumping margins are as follows: Brazil (50-60%), China (266%), India (42%), Japan (83%), South[…]