High water in Great Lakes = Erosion.

Steel Sheet Pile being used to counteract beach erosion. We have been getting quite a bit of activity from the Great Lakes region from homeowners who have beach front property. Steel Sheet Pile is great way to protect from further erosion. This article was recently in the Detroit Free Press[…]

Used XZ95 Sheet Pile

Almost 239 lineal feet of 9 to 11 ft sheet pile, ready for prompt shipment.

Used Hot Rolled Sheet Pile

We have the following available subject to prior sale from our Northern California yard, ready for rough handling, heavy duty work! Buy now and start driving these sheets! Download and review the file above to find a specific list of lengths PZ27 and PZC18 that combined make over 800 lineal[…]

Used Sheet Pile XZ85

We supplied XZ85 for a desalination project and the material is now available for resale. It is currently on the West Coast, but can be shipped via truck or rail to your location. Please contact us for an offer on this material.  It is subject to prior sale.    […]

Surplus Steel Sheet Pile

We have available subject to prior sale the following: Unused Steel Sheet Pile in pairs 100 pair = 100.8 net tons PZC18 x 20 ft Weight per foot = 50.4 lbs Location near San Jose California Condition:  half epoxy coated, some rust Grade ASTM A-572 – 50 Contact us at 602-381-1006[…]

200 metric ton surplus 1070 wire rod

We have subject to prior sale the following Diameter: 5.5 mm Coils: 2.12 metric tons Condition slight rust Location Southeast USA Photos and chemistry available upon request. Payment in advance or at time of shipment unless otherwise agreed.

Used sheet pile

We have subject to prior sale the following: Hot rolled sheet pile Quantity:   95 pair x 45 ft  ( about 200 tons) section: similar to XZ85 Location:  West Coast USA If interested we can provide a delivered price and photos

Prime Wire Rod

We regularly supply wire rod from Turkey and other origins to Houston, New Orleans and other ports. Typical order size ranges from 800 to 3,000 metric tons. Available for 2nd quarter 2015 delivery to USA. Sizes: 5.5 mm – 13.5 mm Grades 1008B thru 1070 Coil weight 1.5 to 2MT[…]

Surplus/Secondary wire rod

This is a small lot of Chinese wire rod that is rusty. 7.0 mm 1008 31 coils 70.40 tons 6.5 mm 1008 2 Coils 4 tons It is located in Arizona Additional photos available upon request.

JZ112 used sheet pile

Subject to prior sale we have the following: Used cold formed sheet pile Section: JZ112 Length: 19 – 22 ft Quantity: 41 pair – about 181 wall feet Two corners are also available. These are made in the USA and are suitable for federally funded projects Full specifications are on[…]