EZ88 Used sheet pile

We have the following lot that will be available in July 2013. Used EZ88 sheet pile 40 Pair x 35 ft 20 Pair x 30 ft Total of about 250 wall ft These are made in the USA and are suitable for federally funded projects Full specifications are on our[…]

Used Sheet Pile

We have available subject to prior sale… XZ95 x 37 to 42 ft Two truckloads about 44 net tons Good condition. Please advise interest and we’ll provide delivered pricing

Stainless Steel Plate

Duplex 2205 ASTM A 240 stainless steel plate- surplus prime w/certs 3/8 x 96″ x 240″ 38 pieces Located in TX. Make an offer!

Rejected tire cord wire rod

The following is available subject to prior sale Secondary Wire rod 100 mt approx 5.5 mm Carbon: .79/.83 2.2 mt coils Rejected due to rust Typical chemistries and photos available upon request This material has been sold, but we are likely to get more in 2013.

Stock steel sheet pile in Mexico

Hot rolled sheet pile H2607 Qty: 451.501MT Material: Hot rolled sheet piling Section H2607 Quality S355GP Breakdown: 40 pairs in 40ft – 100MT 45 pairs in 50ft – 150MT 54 pairs in 60ft – 200MT Available subject to prior sale. We have a customer interested in purchasing this lot, and[…]

Used sheet pile

We have subject to prior sale the following used sheet pile. 99 pairs 185 tons approx Grade 50 XZ95 x 38 to 40 ft Available for prompt shipment

Secondary Steel Billets

We have the following subject to prior sale… 5″ x 5″ x 50 ft This is ungraded material but mostly mild to medium carbon. Available for shipment via truck or railcar. Call 602-381-1006

Used Steel Sheet Piling

We have the following to offer subject to prior sale. Lot 1. JZ112 & JZ120 x 20 to 40 ft 200,000 lbs This is equivalent to PZ35 or better in physical properties Lot 2 XZ85 x 25 ft 42 Pair XZ85 x 30 ft 12 Pair Contact Peers for price[…]

XZ85 Steel Sheet Pile

In stock for December 2011 shipment. New, Unused Sheet Pile XZ85 x 40 ft Factory welded pairs 100 tons approx Located in Laredo Texas for prompt shipment Produced in the USA. Full mill test reports available. Contact Peers for more details at: peersh@alliancesteeltrading.com 602-381-1006

High Carbon Wire Rod

Subject to prior sale we offer the following .250″ 1074 prime wire rod 250 net tons Coils of about 4,000 lbs each Produced in USA Available for December 2011 shipment