Great Lakes Iron Ore Logistics Circa 1943

The following pictorial is a very informative advertisement showing how efficient the movement of Iron Ore was during World War II. This was published in “Life Magazine” May 31, 1943. Iron Ore is still a very important ingredient in steel-making, especially for mills with Blast Furnaces, and mills that rely[…]

China’s Iron Ore and Copper Rallies Unsustainable?

As the summer months come to a close, the Chinese steel market has heated up, and so has the market in the USA.  Scrap prices are up in August in the USA and Iron Ore demand is increasing in China.  I don’t believe either are sustainable rallies.  This article details[…]

ThyssenKrupp Retiring from Steelmaking

The steel business has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. Long gone are the giants of the US Steel business from 30 years ago, Bethlehem Steel, LTV, Rouge Steel, Geneva Steel and more. When they closed, much of their equipment was disassembled and shipped to China, where it is[…]

China Iron Ore Mines only Threat to $$$$

“Australia’s most lucrative export commodity, iron ore, continues to fetch surprisingly strong prices, with big miners believing that only a ramp-up of mines within China can drive it lower. Iron ore was fetching $US92.61 per tonne over the weekend, having risen almost 2 per cent on Friday and almost 7[…]

Steel Mills have Advocate, Wilbur Ross, Commerce Sec’y

Here is a recent article from Steel Business briefing. This choice is applauded by both Steel Mill groups and Coal Mining groups as he has experience with both. If you like what President Trump is attempting to do, build more domestic jobs and encourage growth, you should like this pick.[…]

“The Color of Rain”

A few months ago we started a book club, now called ” People of Steel” with some Christian friends in the steel business.  It is to encourage and inspire each other and communicate ideas beyond our normal steel talk.  It is more about God, Faith and inspiration. This month’s selection[…]

Chinese Steel, the Presidential Race, Smoke & Mirrors

The article titled “Why Clinton and Trump Keep Talking About Chinese Steel” points out the very shallow depth of our political discussions with our presidential candidates.. They both say China is illegally dumping steel into the USA. What they fail to disclose, just like most topic of interest is, what[…]

Is it Unpatriotic to Import Steel?

Recent articles have ripped Donal Trump for reportedly using Chinese steel and aluminum on past building projects. As a steel trader for the past 30 plus years, I find this much ado about nothing. Fist of all, this is a free country with free trade.  We import and export steel into[…]

Friday Food for Thought & Predictions for the Future.

Here is a message I received from a friend with predictions for the future.  It’s not too hard to believe these could come true. I don’t know the author of this.  Maybe somebody at the Kahn Academy?  In any case enjoy and keep learning! In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees[…]